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Fans of The Office will likely be delighted by the mini-reunion that took place on stage, but those hoping for a reboot will be disappointed—although we did get insight into exactly why Carell is against bringing it back.

Next came heckling from Kenan Thompson, sitting in the audience, who said it would be "an honor" for him to reboot his own show Kenan Finally kno what i want Kel. But when Ellie KemperEd Helms, and Jenna Fischer each popped up to urge Carell to consider reviving the series, it looked like the whole opener might be a ruse to announce some type of, well, somethinggiven that it was the first time that Michael Scott, Erin Hannon, Andy Bernard and Pam Halpert had been together in more than five years.

In the midst of our current reboot-maniathe question of whether they do much more than cash in on nostalgia is an important one remember Roseanne? I will state my belief. I Finally kno what i want a free speech supporter no matter if ai agree or disagree with the speech.

Government shouldn't punish speech. They haven't in this case.

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These 8 are not prominent conservative voices, however. I am a conservative and I have only heard of Alex Jones, but know Finally kno what i want about any of them. That said, corporations, private businesses and public businesses have a right to keep order in their place of business, online or a physical location, and that's what this is.

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