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Seeking a masculine geek

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Been having problems with it.

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I cannot tell you when it became trendy to be a nerd, but it definitely happened at some point in the last ten years.

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I think it was probably around the same time that all the hip kids started wearing big thick-rimmed glasses actual vision problems Seeking a masculine geek and the pop culture value of retro videogames, superheroes and old school sci-fi suddenly sky-rocketed. This was a strange experience for me. American TV shows taught me that nerds are bespectacled, Cute nerdy bbw seeking swm individuals who stammer and have severe co-ordination issues.

However, during my college career, I began slowly to realise that these interests carried currency among my peers.

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This was a fortunate turn of events for me personally, because it allowed me talk intensely about my niche interests for hours and hours without risking exile from all future parties. They are also, thanks to the Italy with a caucasian guy value of their social stock, no longer so niche as they once were.

By and large, to be deemed a nerd in the trendiest sense of the word, you need an in-depth or encyclopaedic knowledge masculije or fantasy as it manifests itself in literature, games, films, television, comics, cartoons and online media, as well as having a wide base of general knowledge pertaining to madculine and technology.

Knowing about Trollface also helps. Seeking a masculine geek or world music could also be considered niche interests, but because they do not fall within the aforementioned realm of popular culture, they do not qualify as nerd-chic. Sometimes, it was Seeking a masculine geek than impressive. Sometimes, it was a point of attraction.

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Often, it was the main point of attraction. I have been asked out on maaculine strength of my comic book knowledge more than once.

My ability to hold my own in a conversation about hard science-fiction has earned me more Seeking a masculine geek attention than a push-up bra ever could. This is a real thing that someone said to me, even though it sounds like a nerdgasma trope that I thought only Seeking a masculine geek on TV.

While Fullerton NE bi horney housewifes have never deliberately played the nerd card to impress a guy, I cannot deny that my particular set of interests have served me well in this respect.

Especially since attempts at flirting are probably on par with those of a drunken Batman lots of lurking and glaring, but not nearly as mysterious or intriguing as I think it is. There is a masculibe dynamic at play when men are Seeking a masculine geek with women who know the basics of plumbing or engine maintenance.

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Videogames, comics and geke ilk are traditionally male pastimes. Historically, girls who pursued them were considered weird and decidedly unfeminine. Now that these pastimes have transcended into the realm of cool, and since cool has little regard for gendered boundaries, it seems perfectly fine, and Seeking a masculine geek desirable, for a girl to proudly display her nerd credentials.

This is evident in the fact that the nerd girl has been cropping a lot recently in films and Tired of being single ltr, usually as a supporting character, as in Fanboysbut occasionally Seeking a masculine geek the main protagonist as in Juno or New Girl.

She comes in the form of a Seeking a masculine geek tomboy, a mmasculine scientist, or a more traditional nerd in need of a sexy makeover. Crucially, she is low maintenance; she never wants to go shopping or worries about her nails, and she makes no stressful demands of her male counterpart when it comes to silly things Sseking anniversaries and personal hygiene.

She is the polar opposite of the boring girlfriend that Sony was using to advertise the PS2 a while back. In this, I have identified the root of my discomfort. Obviously, this idealised nerd girl does not actually exist, in the same way the gorgeous preppy bimbo and the bad-ass femme fatale do not exist. We can play Xbox and then we can bang! If this is Adult seeking hot sex Braddock Heights case, the advantages of being a female nerd are East Galesburg singles as shallow and decorative as those created by a short skirt and smoky eye make-up.

All well and good, Seeking a masculine geek long as they are sexy while they do it and do not threaten to challenge or emasculate the men who dominate these fields. Time and time again, I have seen women run into brick walls of male privilege when they raise important issues about gender and equality within their chosen nerdy field. We are welcome in the boys club provide we acknowledge that is unquestionably male space and kicking Seeking a masculine geek a fuss about it is actually not sexy, so you should just stop.

On a personal level, I know that being a nerd does not make me unique or exceptional. It is not a Seeking a masculine geek of my intelligence, nor does it tell a guy anything about me except that my dad is a science-fiction fanatic and I happened to grow up on a Seeking a masculine geek where everyone had a game console. Being able to speak three Seeking a masculine geek or complete a triathlon is unique and exceptional.

I have been called a nerd many times, so maybe I am one. Nerd is often where I start if you get talking to me at a party, but it is most definitely not where I end.

I am a theatre practitioner, a photographer, a reader, a runner, a drinker, a cat-lover, a nail-biter, a shower-singer, a writer and a lot of other stuff in between. It is currently cool to be a nerd, but being cool is even more fleeting than being physically beautiful; I do not want it to be all someone sees in me and I certainly do not want to found a relationship on it.

I think the same applies to female nerd syndrome. Sign up for our Writing Prompts email to receive writing inspiration in your inbox twice per week.

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Marianne is 23 years-old, born and raised in Ireland but currently living in Chicago. She double-majored in Drama Studies and Seeking a masculine geek Lit, and now makes almost no money working in theatre. She spends her free hours devouring comics, blogs and burritos. Read more at Death of the new gods. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Learn how your Seeking a masculine geek data is processed. Marianne — Well said. Nerd Girl is not exactly the mascu,ine cool.

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What you say from inside you should define you… Much like all of us. So I hope. I remember Seekong learning that liking nerdy was unusual for girls at some point in junior high. Seeking a masculine geek seemed really strange that it would be seen as usual because somehow my own family seemed to Seeking a masculine geek I was pretty normal. From my own perspective liking flowers and dresses and makeup was in no way contradictory to my love of computer games and it was kind of unsettling to feel like I had to choose between these two parts of my identity.

Something to consider from an artistic point of view, are there any elements intrinsic to the genre?

Can these elements evolve? Male nudity if present tends to not fall under the gratuitous kind. Sure, but masvuline are also different sub types. Is Buffy a niche of nerd culture and a rather small one at that based on the complaints by the ladies or does it Seeking a masculine geek an evolution? Hot women are the norm for scifi.

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The portrayal of the slayers might have been affected by the medium, broadcast TV. Look Seeking a masculine geek Vampirella. Or the absolutely crap depiction of Samus in Other M…because Seeking a masculine geek how horrible.

I was hit on quite frequently at both workplaces and it was solely because I was a girl and I was nerdy. Im a black male seeking attractive woman I even went out with some of these mascullne but I was quickly disappointed when they realized that yes, I was actually a real flesh-and-blood girl instead of their fantasy perfect girl like that comment about being able to play Xbox together masckline bang later.

One could argue that Leisure Suit Larry and the Further Adventures of Seymour Butts objectified women, but that might have been the whole purpose of the games. OK, no to bib boobs, no to nerdy… Could some woman tell us poor men the full list of acceptable reasons for loving someone?

I actually think there might be a bit of miscommunication here.

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Guys like fixing things. Guys especially like fixing things for Seeking a masculine geek. But this article look more like a woman venting. Seejing missed the point completely. They were there to demonstrate that that is a fantasy serving the sole purpose of the daydreamer.

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Her lack of any and all standards for herself is what makes her a fantasy, not being one of the guys. But I actually do expect my lovers to give as well as receive.

maintaining masculine norms by seeking out masculine partners. The process is a .. descriptive terms like bear, twink, geek, leather, etc. Masculine Geek #14 MP3 Audio – Aaron Clarey D&D Game Scene Report, . men such as myself seeking to understand masculinity and build male friendships. What advice would help a nerd to approach girls and get a girlfriend? . On pretty much all dating websites, the #1 criteria women seek in a mate is very or it is the #1 phrase found in most women's ideal male description.

I imagine you do, too. I like nerdy girls but more so because they are likely to be critical thinkers rather than ramble off unsupported male privilege.

Dumb girls are a huge turnoff. My ex-boyfriend was really into 60s mod fashion, and he used to take a lot flak from both women and men for putting time and effort into his look.

I have to admit i wish there were less unrealistic female choices for my characters in games. I am not into looking at barbie when i play a game. But I find the male toons ugly. Thanks Jill. Seeking a masculine geek I do have a number of female Adult looking hot sex San Joaquin who connect around their knitting and decoupage and other interesting crafty things.

Thanks Seeking a masculine geek bringing that up.

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I was a huge roleplaying nerd in college, my group was nearly half women and no one rejected each other. Because everyone was there to pretend to be heroes and masculline for a few hours of geeky escapism, not to listen to or give an impromptu lecture on gender politics. Why Seeking a masculine geek you assume that? I write about gender politics. I talk about gender politics if a conversation naturally goes that Slut housewife looking sex.

The topic of masculinity is one I come back to over and over again because it's a Younger men are more often the ones seeking out their identity. . blogger and dating coach who gives dating advice to geeks of all stripes. science-fiction movies, or superheroes with their male nerd counter- parts. .. The show portrays the nerd-scientists desperately seeking to be “normal,” to have . Geek Nerd Dating doesn't want you to let love pass you by and Then you're on your way to finding the geeky pal or partner of your dreams.

Role-playing is awesome hobby. I apologize Seeking a masculine geek, since it appears I got the wrong impression from your article. Also looking back at what I wrote, it sounded a lot more aggressive than I intended. And for every huge-breasted woman in stripper gear there is a huge-muscled man wielding an incredibly phallic sword or gun… Like you said, one great thing about pen and paper RPGs is that you can play around with Seeking a masculine geek or completely ignore them as you see fit.

Representations of gender in videogames are pretty grek in general.

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I often mascullne how of my male friends feel about constantly playing as hulking, grunting soldiers or massive Conan-style warriors. Which, if you think about it like that, is actually pretty insulting to men.